Kaisa Sali

Even though I have been totally addicted to swimming ever since I started with competitive swimming at the age of eleven and have probably been swimming more than most of the other athletes at my level, only now I have a clear understanding what to do with my body when I enter into the water. With the SmartPaddle we have identified the gaps and holes in my swim and developed drills both to dryland and to the water since we believe that with this we are able to make a difference. And what is great with the continuous monitoring with the SmartPaddles I can really see the development.

Sebastian Dannberg

”Älylättäri yhdistettynä kuvaukseen antaa paljon hyödyllistä dataa, jonka avulla etenkin edistynyt uimari pystyy kehittämään tekniikkaansa. Erityisen hyödyllistä on nähdä vedon nopeus ja missä vaiheessa voima alkaa”

Nikola Lukic

At AquaFront we want to re-invent the approach to swimming and help the community to take it to the next level. Feelings may take you far, but knowledge can take you everywhere. So in our vision of democratizing smart tools and knowledge based approaches, Trainesense's SmartPaddle is an obvious tool for our tool kit. Something in your technique that looks good visually can sometimes be inefficient or even lead to injuries - with the SmartPaddle you take the guessing out of the equation and can make corrections in a much earlier stage

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