What is SmartPaddle?

SmartPaddle is a wearable device helping you to see beyond the obvious. The SmartPaddle helps to make visible “if” the swimmer is able to apply “the right amount of force in the right direction at the right time"

SmartPaddle consist of three parts:

Power meter

SmartPaddle power meter is an advanced wearable underwater sensor. The meter tracks both the movement and the force of your swimming stroke.


SmartPaddle App is used to manage and name the swimming drills and SmartPaddle power meters. The application pairs the power meters and swimmer in order to record , store and analyze the swimming drills to the Analysis Center.

Analysis center

Analysis Center turns the tracked data into visual and numerical information. The results are available during the swimming drills so that the swimmer and coach can adjust the training immediately. Deeper analysis can be carried out outside of the pool to enable continuous learning and improvement.

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