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Trainesense in Finnish Short Course Championships

25 November, 2016|Riku Rimpelä

Trainesense will be in SMASH on November 29th. You will find us in VTT booth. Please, come and hear more about the story below … and SmartPaddle and Trainesense in general.


Finnish Short Course Championships took place in Vaasa last weekend. Trainesense SmartPaddle was present both in person, and by our piloting partners (RiUS, VUS-VSS).

In person we participated the coaches’ seminar organised by Finnish Swimming Association. We introduced the main findings from our measurements and explained the next steps we will be executing in co-operation with the Association. A concrete indication of the level of interest was that I hardly got to the competition pool to watch the races: multiple times I tried to get there, but was stopped for various conversations about the power in swimming and how to utilize the new information. As a result there is a line queuing up on our front door: demo sessions and requests to join the piloting. There were also 3 thesis works drafted during the weekend.

From results point of view the competition was a success. Our piloting partners got 24 medals all together.
Congratulations on behalf of Trainesense !

The number of medals by itself is impressive. What makes the story more interesting is the fact that in last championships in March VUS and RiUS got 10 medals together !
Like always in sports, there are interesting stories behind the result. Not just SmartPaddle related, but we have been part of the story. PLease, find below a short version. We will be sharing more details later on.


Riihimäen Uimaseura (RiUS)

Eveliina ja Jasper haukkasivat Suomen mestaruus kultaa
RiUS started using SmartPaddle in the end of September. They are using the system in their daily practices and we have had luxury of joining a few of the training sessions. For us it is always motivating to go and see the shiny eyes of the swimmers when they get enthusiastic about the insight on their performance. The discussions, and even arguments, with the young swimmers indicate that they are not just doing what they are told to do, but the information has raised new level of interest on what really happens in the water. Based on the analysis and discussions there is a “backlog” of improvements that will be picked-up now that the new season is beginning.


Vaasan Uimaseura (VUS-VSS)

Vaasan uimaseuran mitali saldo
VUS started using SmartPaddle just a month before the championships. Traditionally thinking this would be a massive fault, but the attitude in VUS was: “it is just another competition, there will be others”. They preferred starting to learn immediately instead of waiting for another month.

The month was mainly spent in taking the system into use in different age groups. However, there was also a focused effort to really try and see what could be done with the system. Mika Piiroinen, Eetu Piiroinen’s father and coach, was enthusiastic on the insights they got from the first profiling we did on Eetu’s swimming. Mika made a focused preparation plan: they were putting extra effort on monitoring the identified quality parameters during the normal training sessions. It paid of: the number of medals was not a surprise, but 4 personal records was … and the feeling of easiness in the swimming ! Mika&Eetu have already started drafting the plans for the upcoming season. We are happy to be part of the journey !



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