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New olympiad in Finnish swimming has started

28 September, 2016|

Olympics in Rio are history and it is time to step to the new olympiad. Finnish national swimming team kicked off the new olympiad with a 3-day training camp.

“Last year was the best for a long time in Finnish swimming: on the podium in European Championships and in the semifinals in the Olympics. We need to remember that in London 2012, none of the Finnish swimmers qualified from the heats. The main learning from the year was that the competition is really hard. Especially in the year of olympics when everybody is at the top of their performance.”, says Jari Varjonen, Finnish Olympic Team.

“One of the new things we will emphasise during the new olympiad is the monitoring of the progress through regular measurements. We have invested on video analysis equipment and they are in active use. However, the limitation is that there is only one place in Finland where the measurements can be done. Because of this the system has not been utilized to full of its potential. Trainesense technology opens us new possibilities.”, Jari concludes.

The kickoff camp was started by doing a reference measurement with Trainesense SmartPaddle for all of the 25 swimmers. During the latter days, SmartPaddle was used to validate findings from the analysis and trying-out the changes in the swimming technique. During the normal training session SmartPaddle was also used as a quality monitoring tool: individual swims were recorded and the results were compared against the reference measurement. The deviations could easily be identified directly after the swim.

“There are new things to be learned with the SmartPaddle. The measurements cover the parts of the swimming that until now have been mainly discussed in scientific papers. Now that the things get a visual representation it is amazing how quickly the coaches and swimmers have adapted the terminology. For example, we had a groupwork where swimmers compared the results against each other and they already used the correct terms. It will be a fascinating learning journey … and like always, opportunity to learn boosts motivation.”, says Riku Rimpelä, CEO of Trainesense.

“SmartPaddle helped me to understand my stroke as a whole and identify the essential parts to focus on. We are regularly doing the video analysis, but the focus on those is easily on turns and starts. The stroke analysis with video requires someone to spend time and effort to record and pre-process the video. With SmartPaddle all of this seems to come automatically.” says Marlene Niemi (5th best in all time Finnish results for 50m freestyle).

“I understand the parts of my stroke much clearer now. I already tried to change the stroke based on the analysis and it felt much more powerful. I am looking forward for the next training sessions and competitions.” says Teemu Vuorela (8th best in all time Finnish results for 100m and 200m freestyle).

“SmartPaddle in combination with the existing video analysis system will get the performance analysis to the next level. A major game changer will be the fact that SmartPaddle can be used in normal training sessions without extra effort. For the partners like Finnish Swimming Association, a new benefit will be the capability to share the results on web with the help of Trainesense Analysis Center. This will open new opportunities in supporting the personal coaches”, concludes Riku



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