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Trainesense goes to Kona with Kaisa Lehtonen

24 September, 2016|Riku Rimpelä

On Friday Kaisa Lehtonen held a session for media and told about her preparation to Ironman World Championships in Hawai’i (October 8th). Trainesense SmartPaddle has also played a role on her preparation.  SmartPaddle is a powermeter for swimming. Visibility to the the power in swimming will open a new chapter in swimming performance analysis and training.

“When I was 12y old, my dad told me about a crazy race in Hawaii where you first swim 3.8km, then cycle 180km and in the end run a full marathon.  Since then I have been wondering how well I would be able to execute THE RACE. In two weeks time the dream will come true and I will have the luxury of wearing myself out in Hawai’i. So cool ! ”

Kaisa will be the first Finnish triathlete in PRO-series since 2009. Kaisa’s road to Hawaii has not been the smoothest one. There has been different kinds of sidepaths and only a year ago she realised that the dream of the 12 year old girl needs to be realized now or never. The time at the top is limited and now it would be the time to live her dream: she shifted the target setting from Olympics in Rio to Ironman in Hawaii. The training was adjusted to the requirements of the full distance triathlon. Running has been always natural for her. Therefore the biggest changes were done for cycling and swimming.

“I was a competitive swimmer when I was young. However, swimming has never been easy for me. All the results have been done with hard work. Therefore I was enthusiastic about the opportunity Trainesense offered me. It has been an amazing experience. For the first time I know what I am doing in the water and what I should be doing. This has helped me to get more power to my stroke. Also the direction and timing of the power has been adjusted”

It remains to be seen how the improvements will help Kaisa in the challenging environment of Kona, Hawaii. The results in the training have been impressive. As an example now she can produce the same swimming speed with 12% less power.

We believe that the basic approach in SmartPaddle methodology will help in transferring the training results into the competition. In Kona, Kaisa will be repeating the feeling that has been validated by measurement.

Juuso Manninen will be an another Finnish triathlete starting to THE RACE on October 8th. He has also been participating the SmartPaddle piloting program. “During the 10y competitive swimming carrieer, I have received guidance from multiple coaches. For the first time I understand and believe on the guidance”, comments Juuso.

Good luck Kaisa and Juuso !

Trainesense press release:  trainesense

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